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Riley's Army

Kick Cancer License Plates

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Kick Cancer For Kids

The Kick Cancer For Kids specialty plates are here! We have made a mark in NC’s history as a group that pressed on to see North Carolina’s children with cancer recognized, supported, and raised funds to support children with cancer. If you would like to learn more about our journey and how we got to this point, click here!

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How to get yours!

  1. Click 'Order Yours Here' button below. This will take you to the myNCDMV page.

  2. On the myNCDMV page, click continue to MyDMV Services.

  3. Sign up or continue as guest.

  4. Order a special or personalized plate

  5. Select 'Choose a plate'

  6. Either scroll through until you see 'Kick Cancer for Kids' or manually type in the word 'kick' into the search bar.

  7. Select 'Choose this plate'

  8. Proceed with preferred method of payment!

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